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Dandruff Elimination

Dandruff accelerates baldness, making it very important to eliminate it in order to achieve healthy hair.
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9 months ago

The flakes made by dandruff are the manifestation of inflammation in the sebaceous glands of the scalp that produce the protective 

oils. Dandruff elimination requires much more than simply using a certain shampoo.

Avoid the Cause

The most frequent cause of dandruff is seborrhea or an excess of oil on the scalp, associated with 

inflammation of sebaceous glands. There are certain triggers that should be avoided:

• Hormonal or metabolic imbalance.

• Diet high in sugars and other carbohydrates.

• Nutrition deficiencies, especially of B-group vitamins, essential fatty acids (polyunsaturated) and selenium.

• Trauma or local irritation of the scalp.

• Stress and anxiety.


• Primarily raw diet, in which 50-75% of foods are fruits, grains, nuts and raw vegetables

in their natural state or that are minimally processed.

• Avoid milk and milk products overall, as they increase oil production in the scalp, even if they 

are non-fat.

• Avoid fried foods, foods with added sugar, honey, white flour, chocolate and seafood, 

which increase sebaceous secretions.

Hair Care

• Do not scratch the scalp, as this increases oil secretions.

• Wash hair no more than 2 or 3 times per week, with natural shampoos that do not contain 

detergents or alkaline chemical products that destroy the protective acid covering of the scalp.

• Avoid greasy ointments and creams on the scalp.

• Do not abuse selenium shampoos, because although they eliminate dandruff at the time 

of use, they irritate the scalp and can cause a rebound effect.

• Rinse hair after washing with vinegar diluted in water (about one 200 ml cup of vinegar per liter of water).

Avoid Stress

Through nerve endings, emotions influence the skin overall, and especially the scalp. This is 

the reason that stress and anxiety increase fatty secretions, promoting dandruff.

A lifestyle change which increases contact with nature and its curative agents such as water, 

sunshine, exercise, etc., along with taking sedating medicinal herbal teas (valerian, passion 

flower, white thorn and others), are simple remedies to alleviate stress and anxiety;

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