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Strategies for Learning to Differentiate Hunger from Appetite

How can we figure out hunger over Appetite
By:David DeRose
9 months ago

• Never serve food in courses. Always put meal options before eating. 

• Limit the number of options served at any meal 

• Drink plenty of water between meals. (Thirst is misperceived as hunger.) 

• Eat slowly. 

     •Put your utensil down between bites. 

     • Chew your food thoroughly. 

• Emphasize foods that must be chewed. 

• Be careful of caloric beverages, soups, etc. 

• Don't drink with your meals (a common 

substitute for adequate chewing is using beverages to help “wash down your food”). 

• When eating, don't be overly engaged in another activity (e.g., watching a TV program, reading a 

captivating book, etc.). 

• Don't serve food from your table. 

• Serve the food from a counter or even the range if necessary. 

• Initially take a smaller amount than you would normally choose. 

• if have a question as to whether you are still eating because of hunger or 

appetite, leave the table until the next meal. 

• Use the substitution principle (see text).

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